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World Adoptions- World Adoptions is a section, which I‘ve added to celebrate adoptions from other countries; I feel that it is important to acknowledge everyone. Over the course of approximately two years I’ve been a member of a Danish adoption forum where I’ve met several couples and individuals who have adopted or are in the process of adoption right now. India is not the choice of country for everyone. Every family has their biases and their preferences…this is one thing everyone has to understand and be able to work with. India may not be the county of choice for everyone. To me adoption is adoption and I support it regardless of the country. My project is based out of Mumbai India because of my own experiences and life trials of dealing with and discovering the world of adoption.

There are millions of children all around the world waiting for a family, and I wish more couples would consider adoption as an option when they are ready to build a family. This list will grow over time so please remember to check in to see all the beautiful children.