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Bal Vikas Orphanage


Sakshi —10 months

She came to Bal Vikas at birth.  There’s nothing wrong with her, the orphanage just couldn’t find a local family for her.


Prasad — 6 years

Prasad’s biological mother brought him to his first orphanage because she wasn’t married. He spent his first year at a small orphanage with about eight children. The orphanage couldn’t find a family for him because he was diagnosed with Hepatitis B, therefore, he was transferred to BV. As he grew he was also diagnosed with attention deficit disorder.


Uday — 5 years

Uday is on the children’s waiting for parents list. His head is bigger than his body and his speech is not complete. Indian families have rejected him on those grounds.


Pritam — 3.5 years

Came to Bal Vikas at birth given up by biological mother. Early on BV noticed that there could be something wrong with him. He had a tendency to sit and stare into blank space without blinking and he never spoke. He’s been rejected by Indian and international families.


Ragini — 6 years

Came to Bal Vikas at birth. She had delays for some time and her MRI scans showed problems that she carries Thalassemia Trait B. She has not gone before an Indian family because of her condition. 99% Indian families will not adopt unhealthy children. Ragini attends school with Prasad. She’s loves to dance.


Sadashiv — 3.7 years

Came to Bal Vikas at birth. His biological mother gave him up. He’s been certified to having a hearing loss. He’s been rejected by Indian and internal families.