Name of the film/book 

For two years my project has been known as the Bal Vikas Project and finally today I am happy to announce the official title for both the film and book.

Introducing Forget The Past film and book. :)

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Introducing - A Non-Traditional Documentary  

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Manit was cleared in the HC of Mumbai and will shortly meet his lovely Danish family. :)

Hugs from all of us. :)

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QUICKER ADOPTION: Government plans to make easier the laws on child  

Adopting a child to get easier, Govt to relax laws
Sumit Pande
CNN-IBN ... 894-3.html

New Delhi: Foreigners looking to adopt children in India will no longer have to go through months of waiting and red- tape. New guidelines make the procedure simple and time bound. Celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was in India last year to shoot for a film and also to adopt a child. But the Hollywood couple dropped the idea after being how complicated inter-country adoption procedure is in India. However all this could change soon, the newly drafted adoption guidelines by the government will make both within and foreign adoptions easier.

"These laws were difficult. But we plan to initiate easier and more flexible rules on child adoption. The procedure must take lesser time. That is something we want to ensure," said Renuka Chaudhery MoS, Women and Child Development.

The new guideline drafted by the Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA stipulates maximum period of three months to complete the entire exercise to adopt a child for all adoptions, including inter country ones. CARA would now be the nodal agency. The new guidelines have been derived from the changes made in the juvenile justice act passed by the parliament and UN guideline on homeless children.

Hence all children adopted by foreigners shall also automatically acquire citizenship of their adopted parents. The government simultaneously has also written to chief justices of all the states that the cases related to adoptions, especially the foreign adoptions be completed in the prescribed time.
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Aske made it home with his mother. :) :) :)  

A big welcome home to Hanne and her son Aske from all of us.

(due to the international adoption situation within India and Dk over the past few weeks, pictures will not be posted until everything is 110% under control) Sorry.
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