Jon Huntsman Jr. Gov. of Utah and wife Mary Kaye adopts from India. 

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:) Parishi Cleared in HC Delhi :)  

Congratulations to Parishi and her parents Kirsten & Jens in Denmark. They are finally only a few weeks away from being united with their beautiful daughter whom they’ve waited to bring home for months. This is turning out to be a very Merry Christmas and a great way to end this year. The couple has been through such a long tedious process especially with their last step in HC. I can’t wait to post pictures of the three of them together soon. Kirsten and Jens, a huge congrats to you and wishing you a safe journey. At last. YES YES YES…………… Hurrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


:) Parishi is very happy and proud of the picture she has received of her mom & dad :)

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Happy Holidays 2006 

To celebrate this season I will share pictures of children from around the world whose families I've become acquainted with. I will add to this section throughout the month so feel free to visit as much as you'd like. Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year.


Johanna Jiao (China)

Klara (China)

Anders Anish (India)

Simon, Sarah Sakshi & Sharon (India)

Sarah Sakshi (India)

Nicklas & Natasha (India)

Elsa Ananya (India)

Karin Mansi & Kári Pravin (India)
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Meet someone from my past :) 

On Oct. 31st. I received an email from a young woman “Jane Olsgaard” 29 years of age who had been surfing the web to see if she could find any information on adoption when she stumbled across my web blog. She read it and quickly realized that I am adopted from Mumbai India. Jane put two and two together and figured out that she and I came from the same orphanage. She decided to write to me to see if we were a link to each other’s past. We are. :) I remember reading her email and thinking “Oh my gosh” She and I were at the same place, same time, and were both brought to DK by Mrs. Jaisita Panigrahi on August 15th 1978. This was surreal. I wrote Jane back and sure enough she and I only a year and a month apart almost to the date started and ended our life at MSS together.

Now when I look back, I can’t believe this has happened. I never in my entire life thought that I would meet anyone from my own past. I look at this project, it's goals, and what I am trying to do. For Jane to come into my life at this time is such a blessing. We’ve been in contact ever since and each day I find that she and I are almost identical in how we think, what we do etc. Jane also has a younger brother from 1980, same year as my sister. It’s absolutely amazing. I look forward to be able to introduce her to our first home (our orphanage) in India, show her around, etc. Talk about a small world. I am sitting in LA and she’s in Dk. I really feel it’s as if I’ve found a long lost sister.

I am grateful that I have this blog, grateful to all of you who read and follow this process / project. Thank you, and I can’t say that enough because it means the world to me that you care.

In 2007 I am now planning to go to India with Jane as she has never been and would love to see the country we both were born into.


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:) Prasad & Ragini cleared in HC Mumbai :)  

Prasad and Ragini were cleared on November 29, 2006 and I would like to start by saying congratulations to their families here in the United States. I know that it was an extremely special day for all of you as you’ve waited a very long time to be able to refer to Prasad and Ragini as your children. Over the past year I’ve gotten to know both children very well. They are full of life, yet the one thing they always talked about at BV was how much they wanted a family. When I returned to India with Maybritt this past Oct. to help bring her daughter home, Prasad was eager and overjoyed to share his family album with me. He kept pointing to the pictures of his mom & dad. I didn’t get to see Ragini's album at the time. Ragini is a sweet down to earth girl who loves to draw, dance, and chew on pencils. :) Both children have grown up like brother and sister at BV and though they will go their separate ways in 2007 their families will stay in contact with one another to maintain the relationship between the two. I am thrilled that both children will be on the same continent as myself and I can’t wait to continue to know them as they grow older. It’s like everyone always says here, “Everything happens for a reason” Again, congratulations to Prasad, Ragini and their families.


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