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NEW DELHI: A day after Denmark announced it had suspended all adoptions from India, the Central Adoption Resources Agency (CARA) on Tuesday ordered an investigation into the Pune-based orphanage, Preet Mandir.

Central Adoption Resources Agency chairperson J K Mittal said, "The matter is being investigated. I have given instructions to collect all paperwork regarding the institution."

Denmark suspended all adoptions from India after a news report claimed that some of the children who have been adopted could have been abducted. Mittal added that the licence for the orphanage had been suspended in the past after CARA received complaints from various quarters.

"We had renewed the licence on a temporary basis but there is an inquiry pending against them. We will take all steps to ensure that the issue is probed thoroughly," Mittal added.

According to agency reports, Denmark's consumer and family affairs minister Carina Christensen had expressed concern over the "conditions" in which adoptions had taken place.

Christensen had ordered the Danish authorities to investigate AC International Child Support, one of Denmark's two government-approved adoption agencies. The organisation was accused in a TV documentary of having received children from an orphanage in Pune without the biological parents' approval.

In the documentary that was broadcast two days ago, Ramesh Kulkarne claimed that after his wife's death, he had temporarily put his two children in Preet Mandir orphanage.

Kulkarne said that for years, he was barred from seeing his children at the orphanage. In April, Kulkarni learned that the pair had been adopted in Denmark in 2003 through AC International Child Support.

The Denmark-based agency said it had stopped cooperating with Preet Mandir in June 2003 after repeated reports about the agency management's use of unethical methods. The documentary showed orphanage manager J Bhasin, filmed with a hidden camera, saying that a child costs $7,000.

Indian children are 'popular' for inter-country adoption. The US tops the list of overseas adoptions from India with 945 Indian children having found homes in that country over the past three years.

Italy comes next with 419 Indian children being adopted in the past three years. Spain follows with 301 adoptions and Denmark with 194.
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Pune agency violates adoption laws 

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Impact: Preet Mandir kids rescued 

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Adoption agency burns evidence ... ments.html

Embers and ash is all that remains of the possibly crucial evidence of the activities of Preet Mandir
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Rally against adoption racket 

Jajati Karan

Posted Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 16:46
Updated Wednesday, July 12, 2006 at 20:24

Rourkela: CNN-IBN's expose on an illegal adoption racket in Rourkela a few weeks back has triggered anti-government protests in Orissa. CNN-IBN had reported on how several licensed adoption agencies were infact selling babies.

On Tuesday, the state youth Congress held a rally demanding resignation of Chief Minister Navin Patnaik.

The state government had promised action within a week of the racket being exposed, but nothing’s been done yet. The adoption centres are still running.

The youth congress says there should be a CBI enquiry as the minister and higher officials are involved.

"We are thankful to CNN-IBN for bringing this matter to light. We will continue to protest if the state government sits quiet," said the president of the state youth Congress, Rohit Pujari.

"This government will not protect anybody who is in this racket. We are doing a thorough enquiry and after that stern action will be taken," said Woman and Child Welfare Minister, Pramilla Mallick.

CNN-IBN had exposed in its report that only 11 agencies in Orissa have got the license to give babies in adoption, but the number of illegal adoption centres are manifold, with Rourkella having six of them.

CNN-IBN presented that at least six adoption centres in Rourkela, including Global Village and Sahayog, have sold hundreds of babies in the name of adoption.

Earlier children from another adoption agency in Pune—Preet Mandir had been rescued after CNN-IBN telecast its series "The Baby Snatchers."
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