NRI spills beans on Preet Mandir IBN LIVE (2006) 

New Delhi: Even as the owner of Preet Mandir, J S Bhasin, held a press conference to claim his innocence, CNN-IBN's Special Investigation Team continues to receive complaints from families for whom Preet Mandir was a trauma.

An Indian couple in Singapore emailed CNN-IBN their story.

The Bhatias had adopted a one-year-old boy, Dinkar, from Preet Mandir.

They adored their cute baby but the child could never sit up and that made them wonder if something was the matter.

J S Bhasin , in an email assured the Bhatias that the child would soon sit and crawl like a normal child.

However, the Bhatias decided to take matters in their own hand and had Dinkar re-examined.

A certificate from Pune's Sancheti hospital revealed that Dinkar suffered from cerebral palsy, but Bhasin still denies any wrong doing.

"I deny this completely. I deny it in toto," says J S Bhasin.

Dinkar's story is a clear case of Preet Mandir and J S Bhasin lying about the medical history of a child, just for a fistful of dollars.
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Preet Mandir kids rescued IBN LIVE (2006) 

Pune: The Maharshtra government has taken it's first hesitant steps in curbing child Trafficking in the state.

All Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) across the state have been asked to stop sending children to Preet Mandir.

Activists from NGOs across Pune demonstrated outside the office of the Commissioner for Women and Child Development, asking him to take action against those involved in the adoption racket exposed by CNN-IBN's Special investigation Team.

Says a member of an NGO, Nakul Kante, "It is our demand that Preet Mandir be completely shut down."

With voices like Kante's rising to a crescendo and demanding that the guilty be taken to task, the Child Welfare Department department finally overcame it's inertia and took the first steps to curb the racket in the state.

Children under the care and protection of Preet Mandir who were sent there by CWCs will now be taken out and put in government-run children's homes. All CWC's have also been instructed to stop sending children to Preet Mandir.

Says Commissioner, Women & Child Development, DV Desawale, "Until our next order, no children will be sent by CWC's to Preet Mandir. "

But NGO's who know how deep the racket runs say this is just first step.

Says Ingrid Mendonca, who works for Actions for The Right of The Child, "It is going to be a very long battle even though they have accepted some of our demands."

The question now is whether the government has the courage to ban organisations like Preet Mandir and put them completely out of business.

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When Preet Mandir 'kidnapped' a baby IBN LIVE (2006) 

Goa: After CNN-IBN exposed Preet Mandir's operations in Goa, the state government has cancelled their license to run the adoption centre.

But the cancellation alone cannot undo the ordeal of a 16-year-old unwed mother Lakshmi (name changed to protect identity) whose baby Preet Mandir forcibly attempted to take.

The boy she had been in love with and whose baby she was carrying, refused to marry her.

To escape social ostracism, Lakshmi decided to leave her village in Davangiri in central Karnataka and come to Goa to deliver the child.

Little did she know she had arrived at the newest base of the baby snatchers.

Her child was only 15 days old when a woman called Celsa Antao, an alleged agent of Preet Mandir, persuaded her into coming and staying here. That was when the trouble started.

"In Preet Mandir they wouldn't let me feed the child or even touch her. They even made me sign some papers and asked me to leave,” Lakshmi said.

However, Antao woman has a different story.

"My social workers in the field told me about this girl who as about to throw the child into the dustbin . That is why we sent her to Preet Mandir," Antao said.

Documents available with CNN-IBN revela how Lakshmi's baby was stolen:

Lakshmi's age was fudged and she was shown as a major.
She was then sent to Preet mandir with a recommendation for adoption
There she was made to sign adoption acceptance papers.
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'Baby snatcher' sends CNN-IBN notice (2006) 

Posted Tuesday , June 27, 2006 at 11:02 by IBN LIVE.

New Delhi: One week after CNN-IBN exposed a Pune-based adoption agency - Preet Mandir - of violating all adoption laws and selling babies to foreigners, its Managing Director, J S Bhasin, finally surfaced.

Bhasin has sent a notice to CNN-IBN under Section 500 of the Criminal Procedure Code to withdraw their reports and refused to answer any questions regarding the investigation.

At a press conference he also said that the public must not get carried away by the CNN-IBN expose on adoption.

At present the Centre and the state government are inquiring into Preet Mandir's activities.

The Central Adoption Resource Agency has also issued show cause notice Preet Mandir.

Preet Mandir and J S Bhasin are accused of selling children to couples and Bhasin was caught on camera by CNN-IBN negotiating a deal.

Evidence that the racket has political and administrative patronage is mounting, but the police say they are unable to take any action.

"We are still looking into the matter. We will see whether we or some other authority have suo motu power to lodge the complaint. Only then can we proceed. We need a directive from the concerned authority," said Pune Police Commissioner D N Jadhav.

According to the Juvenile Justice Act, the police can crack down on the racket only when the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) asks it to.

However, the Director of CWC in Pune, A K Banerjee, himself runs an adoption agency accused of exploiting children.

"Bannerjee runs an adoption agency called Sampark, which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Children are being sexually exploited at his agency," claims Ingrid Mendonca, who works for Actions for The Right of The Child.

CNN-IBN Special Investigation Team had, in another report, also exposed that only 11 agencies in Orissa have got the license to give babies in adoption, but the number of illegal adoption centres are manifold, with Rourkella having six of them.

Reacting to the expose, Orissa Women and Child Development Minister, Pramilla Mallick and Secretary Mona Sharma had said on Friday that the state government would waste no time in acting on the matter.

They went through the evidence presented by CNN-IBN, in which at least six adoption centres in Rourkela, including Global Village and Sahayog, have sold hundreds of babies in the name of adoption.

Global village is run by an IAS officer KP Sethi.

After seeing the story, Mallick has promised that not only the running of these adoption centres but also other such illegal centres will be inquired into and tough action will be taken within a week.

Mona Sharma says that the government did not have any knowledge of such illegal adoption centres thriving in the state.

She thanked CNN-IBN for their efforts in exposing the racket and said that the evidence provided by CNN-IBN will be used for taking action against fraudulent institutions.

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"Stop international adoptions" ... y_id=40563

AMSTERDAM – International adoption invites criminal practices and should be banned, says Roelie Post, a Dutch EU official who was responsible for the dossier on Romanian children from 1999 to 2005, the Volkskrant reports.

"Adoption is legalised child trafficking," Post says, who has carried out extensive research on the topic and gained insight into how children are "freed up for adoption."

Post says that the same methods are used all over the world to satisfy the enormous demand for children.

She says she is not surprised at the reports of illegal adoptions from India recently. "These kinds of scandals are par for the course," she said.

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