Happy Birthday to Thea & Maria 

Congratulations to Thea & Maria who turned 13 today. Both adopted from Bal Vikas. We wish you a lovely day with your family and friends........

Hugs from all of us to you

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:) :) :) :) :) Hanne's son is cleared :) :) :) :)  

A HUGE congratulations to Hanne and her son who was cleared in District Court of New Delhi today. What a day. I think everyone who knows Hanne or of her is jumping with joy today. FINALLY… YES YES YES HURRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.

Hanne is one of the most endearing, strong, heartwarming people I’ve met in my life. Just extraordinary in every way.

A year ago I joined the Adoptionzone in Dk hosted by Tine and Brian Bech. I came to know Hanne through the zone through her entries. A single mother who was in the miss of adopting a sweet little girl Malar from Delhi when tragedy struck and she past away only months from being united with her beautiful mother. Everyone felt for Hanne’s loss and many prayed.

The big question arose, “What would happen now?” Months went by and nothing seemed to be happening. During this time, Hanne was extremely patient. She never once complained about why this had happened to her, or felt sorry for herself. She kept her head up high while we (on the Adoption Zone) crossed our fingers that the sun would shine on her again.

Finally one sweet day in September of 2006, the agency called to inform Hanne that she had become the mother to a sweet young boy also from New Delhi (name of the orphanage is withheld until he is home) Hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :) It became a matter of time before she would receive NOC and finally today, he was cleared in the court. :)

For those of you who do not know Hanne that well here’s a brief background. At a young age (not that she’s old now…. :) Hanne traveled to India several times, alone and without her family members, and fell head over heals in love with the country, the people and the culture. India touched her in ways she’s never experienced before with any other country she had visited. When the time came for her to adopt there was absolutely no doubt in her mind that her child was in the country in which her heart lies, INDIA.

My latest email from Hanne is expressing that she can barely wait a few weeks, to meet her son, tell him how much she loves him. He’s such a huge part of her life and heart.

I end this entry with yet another huge congratulations to Hanne and her family from all of us. This is truly a lovely day. All the best to the both of you in the future. I'd like to dedicate this entry in loving memory of daughter.


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Mass emails auto rely  

Dear All,

I regret that my email account went a little crazy over night and decided to send out automated mails to everyone in my inbox..... even old mails. :(

I am sorry..... I think I've got it under control now.

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Moon & Star  

I had to take a picture of the moon & star this evening. It is just too beautiful.

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Bal Vikas reunion in Denmark 

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