Manev Sava Sangh 

Spending a full day and one night at Manev Sava Sangh was incredible. Something I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted to see my first home, my family, and all my siblings (meaning all the other boys and girls at MSS) I have previously visited, once to celebrate my b-day and another time to do a project with the girls. (Ages 11-14) This time I just wanted to walk a day in their shoes to get a feel for what an orphanage is really like. Due to my tight schedule I could only spend the one day and night there, but plan to go back and stay for a couple of days towards the end of this trip.

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Wedding of Jay & Karishma 

Friday night Karishma and Jay were married. Jay is the nephew of a dear family friend of ours from the states and we were all very excited to attend their wedding. It was Trent and Patrick’s first Indian wedding and my third.

In India, getting married takes quite a while. The ceremony takes about three hours. We arrived at the Mayfair Hall, at around 7pm. It was crowded with people and I immediately looked around to see if I could find my friends from the states. With no luck, Trent, Patrick and I sat down and watched the ceremony. It was quite beautiful with the singing, and chanting. About an hour later we connected with my friends and caught up on life in general. Since they (US friends) were guest of honor they had to mingle so we split up for a little while. We continued to watch Jay and Karishma and all the guests wearing lovely saris. Trent and Patrick stuck out in the crowd being two of four white people at this function. At one point the groom looked up and saw Trent and had this blank stare in face as if he was thinking, "Who the hell invited you, I don't know you." It was hilarious, a moment to remember. The following day a reception was held at the Taj President Hotel. Everything was very tasteful at this two day event and we had a great time.

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Køer og Elefanter 

Til jer som har spurgt om køer og elefanter, her har i nogle billeder.

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Ganesh son of Parvati is the Hindu elephant-headed god. He is the most loved and admired god in the Hindu religion and his face will appear in every rickshaw, taxi, home, temple, and work environment of any Hindu. The day starts with a prayer to Ganesh and ends with another in the evening.

Why does Ganesh have an elephant head?
There are several different stories about how Gnash got an elephant head. Some will say that he was brought into this world an ordinary boy, but lost his head in a battle. Shiva ordered sent his men into the forest and told them to bring back the first animal head they found. They found a little elephant whose head was cut off and put on the little boy.



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My Indian Mom & Sister 

Jaisita, Sarah and Sanjukta

Han & Sanjukta
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