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Pune: Adoption is not charity—it's about creating a new family. However, for foreigners looking for Indian babies the drill is simple. They just need to talk dollars.

Six CNN-IBN reporters conducted a Special Investigation over six months in Pune, Maharashtra, Rourkela, Cochin and London.

Two CNN-IBN reporters posed as an NRI couple wanting to adopt a child. They landed up at an adoption center in Pune called Preet Mandir, where the owner J S Bhasin has babies on offer—readymade and off the shelf.

What J S Bhasin does is a crime and the law calls such a person a child trafficker. Bhasin has been selling babies to foreigners for years, breaking every adoption law in the country. Preet Mandir is his baby shop.

The CNN-IBN investigation found that Bhasin runs a countrywide network to source unwanted babies and he may be even stealing them. The babies come from hapless unwed mothers, and he always makes sure he gets the babies cheap.

Bhasin then sells them to uninformed foreigners, often for as much as Rs 5.5 lakh per baby.

CNN-IBN reporters posed as wealthy and childless NRIs and pretended that they were scared of paperwork and red tape.

A conversation with Bhasin revealed that he would go to any length to traffic a baby.

When the reporters met 'social workers' at Preet Mandir, they were assured that the adoption was a simple process.

The team just walked in and the 'social workers' asked them to select a baby.

CNN-IBN: "I have a medical problem and want to adopt a child, but my husband is dead against it. I however, am convinced but I have no idea how to go about the entire adoption process."

CNN-IBN: "How much do NRIs normally pay to adopt a child?"

J S Bhasin: "Well earlier it was between $6000 to $8000. Then prices went up and it is now $12,000. You see Indians — soldiers, rickshaw pullers — cannot afford to pay so much. They just give about Rs 5000, but I say it's okay because then there are people like you who are supporting them $12,000."

And in the proces all these laws are forgotten.

NRIs should first register with a child welfare agency in the country of their residence.

The agency has to be recognised in India as well. Inter-country adoption is a year-long process that ends with the mandatory approval of a High Court.
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