Get together at Nille's house 

Today was the day when I would finally meet Tina Petersen and Pernille Hjort for the first time. I had also been looking forward to reaquainting with Annette Havemann Linnet and their families whom I’ ve known from the web and through the adoption zone.

Back in 2005, when I first inquired about potential families waiting to adopt from India, Tina was one of the first women who contacted me. Before I knew it we were sending mails back and fourth and she was the first to tell me everything about their adoption process / experience with Niklas and Natasha. Tina has been an extremely helpful and kind person. She has always been willing to be apart of this project in any way that she could. She is everything I thought she would be in person and more. Her children are absolutely adorable and very well behaved and as Niklas told me, Natasha is his sister and he will make sure nothing happens to her. He is quite proective!

Pernille & Thomas who are the parents of five children, four biological and one adopted from Mumbai (Yasmin) had always wanted to adopt a child from India. Their wish came true when she and her husband became parents to little Yasmin from Bal Vikas. Many wonder if having biological children along with adoptive children is a good idea, and though I am not an expert on this topic I can only say that in Pernille’s case and many others whom I have witnessed that I am an advocate for this inportant choice. As long as the parents are loving and accepting, it does not matter how many or where your cildren comes from. What matters is the love and compassion parents give to all their children as indivduals.

Annette, whom I met in Mumbai a year to date this day also stopped by Pernille’s house without her family. It was great to see her again. She immediately invited me to a gathering at her house a couple days later when her son Sadasiv and his best friend Uday from Bal Vikas Orphanage would meet for the first time in four months. Annette is the mother to four children as well. One biological and three adopted, Sadasiv the one I have been following being the fourth. While in India, Annette was extremely generous to sit down for an open hearted emotional interview. She began to share everything about their adoption process.

We spent a lovely afternoon at Pernille and Thomas Hjort's home sharing, catching up, sharing stories, and most of all enjoying the company of all the children. It was definitely a day to remember and I thank them once again for coming and for being such a huge part of my project.

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Today is the day :) 

Today is "THE DAY"....... Christine and Kristi will finally unite with their children Prasad and Ragini.

I know that we are all thinking of them on this very special day.


Mother and Daughter
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Meeting Jane 

As many may recall I mentioned earlier on my blog that a young woman (Jane Olsgaard) contacted me in Oct. 2006 as she came across my blog. We discovered that we are from the same orphanage and arrived on the same day to Denmark. Having her come into my life has truly been a blessing above all. She's such a lovely person and meeting her for the first time a couple of days ago was surreal. Having spent some time with her now I realize how different our lives have been growing up aside from the fact that I am LA based and she's in Copenhagen. Looking forward to interviewing Jane for my film as well as visiting Mumbai with her this year.

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Kœre Venner,

Ja, min blog er lidt blandet engelsk og dansk lige mens jeg er her. Det retter jeg op på når jeg kommer hjem igen. Som en fyr sagde til mig forleden dag "Hvad øh, er du amerikaner?...... "du taler jo blandet dansk og engelsk." :) SMIL.......

Meningen med dette indlœg er så at jeg ville sige tusind tak til bestyrelsen for et super dejligt møde igår og hvor var det bare skønt at møde jer allesammen. Jeg tager hatten af for jer alle, at i af egen tid, og vilje har oprettet og vil hjœlpe børnehjemmet i Indien. Det er bare så stort af jer og i er nogle vidunderlige mennesker. Til andre som lœser bloggen som også har børn fra Indien men måske ikke lige BV der vil jeg sige at hvis i vil vœre med til at gøre en forskel og hjœlpe nogle børn samt møde andre indisk adopteret så fik jeg en meget varm fornemelse at denne gruppe bare ville vœre super at vœre med i. Det er jo ikke alle som har muligheden for at kunne støtte lige det hjem ens barn kommer fra men børn er jo børn og de har alle brug for hjœlp. Det er blot et forslag. :)

Min tur er lige begyndt og ja, der er jo stort program foran mig og jeg glœder mig til at have mødt / talt med jer allesammen. Tusind tak fordi i er så søde ved mig, og for alt det i gør for mig.

Stort knus og atter engang tusind tusind tak til jer.


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Jon Huntsman Jr. Gov. of Utah and wife Mary Kaye adopts from India. 

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