NRI spills beans on Preet Mandir IBN LIVE (2006) 

New Delhi: Even as the owner of Preet Mandir, J S Bhasin, held a press conference to claim his innocence, CNN-IBN's Special Investigation Team continues to receive complaints from families for whom Preet Mandir was a trauma.

An Indian couple in Singapore emailed CNN-IBN their story.

The Bhatias had adopted a one-year-old boy, Dinkar, from Preet Mandir.

They adored their cute baby but the child could never sit up and that made them wonder if something was the matter.

J S Bhasin , in an email assured the Bhatias that the child would soon sit and crawl like a normal child.

However, the Bhatias decided to take matters in their own hand and had Dinkar re-examined.

A certificate from Pune's Sancheti hospital revealed that Dinkar suffered from cerebral palsy, but Bhasin still denies any wrong doing.

"I deny this completely. I deny it in toto," says J S Bhasin.

Dinkar's story is a clear case of Preet Mandir and J S Bhasin lying about the medical history of a child, just for a fistful of dollars.


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