Preet Mandir kids rescued IBN LIVE (2006) 

Pune: The Maharshtra government has taken it's first hesitant steps in curbing child Trafficking in the state.

All Child Welfare Committees (CWCs) across the state have been asked to stop sending children to Preet Mandir.

Activists from NGOs across Pune demonstrated outside the office of the Commissioner for Women and Child Development, asking him to take action against those involved in the adoption racket exposed by CNN-IBN's Special investigation Team.

Says a member of an NGO, Nakul Kante, "It is our demand that Preet Mandir be completely shut down."

With voices like Kante's rising to a crescendo and demanding that the guilty be taken to task, the Child Welfare Department department finally overcame it's inertia and took the first steps to curb the racket in the state.

Children under the care and protection of Preet Mandir who were sent there by CWCs will now be taken out and put in government-run children's homes. All CWC's have also been instructed to stop sending children to Preet Mandir.

Says Commissioner, Women & Child Development, DV Desawale, "Until our next order, no children will be sent by CWC's to Preet Mandir. "

But NGO's who know how deep the racket runs say this is just first step.

Says Ingrid Mendonca, who works for Actions for The Right of The Child, "It is going to be a very long battle even though they have accepted some of our demands."

The question now is whether the government has the courage to ban organisations like Preet Mandir and put them completely out of business.


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