Heres an interesting topic about skin complexion. When I first arrived here in Mumbai people used to tell me what a great complexion I have. That isn’t so anymore. Due to being outside a lot I tan easily and yes I have gotten darker than my natural skin tone. Everyone is obsessed with skin color. They have categories in which people are placed into including myself. A lot of it has to do with social stigma and everyone here wants to be white.

1) Light
2) Fair
3) Tan on the light side
4) Tan
5) Medium Light
6) Medium
7) Dark on the light side
8) Dark
9) Black

I am so used to passing by all the tanning creams and lotions back in the states. Not for me, I have my color already as most of you know. Here you have a selection twice as large to make you white. There is white cream for every complexion. It’s out of control. I had never thought in my life that I would see all this white cream. Why are we so obsessed with color? I have talked to several Indian people about this color issue and most of them respond by saying “if you are white than you are pure, clean and rich” I have raised the same question when I’ve sat in on an Indian families meeting their child for the first time. They get to spend about 20 min with the child and 8 out of 10 will reject the child because of skin color. What is happening; doesn’t anyone realize that most white people are the first to lie out in the sun to get tan as soon as they get the chance? Apparently not.

I’ve visited Manav Sava Sangh a total of three times now. The first time was in the beginning of my trip and then last week when I stayed over. The first thing the president of the institution said to me when she saw me was “ Sarah you are black,” I proudly said of course and I love it. Looks much better on me. ? She questioned why I was so excited about it and I told her that I thought dark skin is a beautiful. Now, I am not saying this just because I am Indian. If I were white I would want to be darker, it’s in me, I love dark colors. I will tie this color issue into my research studies because it does play a HUGE role with adoption, especially local adoption. Color is among the top 5 reasons children are given into adoption and rejected in local adoption here. There is something to think about.

The man at the store this morning mentioned my color and told me to stay in the shade so that I wouldn't get dark and that lead to this post.


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